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Airborne Riders is a unique club, upon invitation only; to a breed of men that knows themselves;
that understands the ability and nature of endurance, toughness; those men that endured,
conquered and living life to the fullest – an Airborne Soldier – past or present.
We want to re-unite this special breed of men, experience real camaraderie and esprit de corps.
Airborne Riders will ensure that each and every member with common bond will be part of a
structured and disciplined exclusive entity – our motto “REGROUP”

FOUNDER MEMBERS: Jean-Marc Degueldre, Kennie Boonzaier and Gustaaf Trichardt. Click here to learn more.


We have all experienced the pride of exclusivity and because this pride has been compromised
the need for an exclusive club will foresee that Airborne Riders will become one of the most elite
clubs in the world. We share a common interest and our members will maintain high standards.
We want to achieve and re-instate the pride and exclusivity we all once knew as airborne
soldiers. Every member will be known as a Trooper irrespective of stature.


  • By invitation only (your sponsor remains responsible for you)
  • Qualified airborne trooper, Parabats; Recces; 32 Battalion; British SAS or any approved and respected International Unit.
  • Have your own motorcycle.
  • Pay a joining fee - includes branding; colours; name tags
  • As a potential member you need to show that you are part of core elite that stands back for no other and need to protect the honour of the club.
  • You must be comfortable with old school structures a7. Above all – you must adhere to the Code of Honour.







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